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We always believe in putting family first. Especially, their health and wellness. We know you do too. Which is why, Supercare will be the perfect health destination for you and your loved ones. We are one of the leading pharmacy-steered healthcare & lifestyle retailer brand with a pan UAE presence with over 40 years of experience


We have a range of exquisite products to suit your health and wellness requirements. Comb through our varied categories to address all your family's wellness needs.


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At Supercare we offer brands that we truly trust. We believe in offering products that best suit your wellness needs from brands that promise proven results.


How To Releive Occasional Stomach Pain And Reduce Bloating Naturally

Let’s talk belly bloat. You know, that yucky feeling like your insides are ballooning to blimp-sized proportions. Most of us have been there a time or two. And then there are the stomach pains and excessive gas that sometimes tag along—what are those all about? In truth, there may be many possible reasons behind a bloated stomach and the disco
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8 Superfoods To Kickstart Your Detox!

Toxins in the body can manifest into many different symptoms including fatigue, mental fog, hormone imbalances, loss of energy and even obesity (to name a few). Research has shown that toxicity can be the underlying cause of so many chronic symptoms that people experience each and every day. Superfoods are an amazing way to kickstart the detox proc
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Everything You Have Ever Wanted to Know About Probiotics

Are probiotics for everybody? Are there some people who shouldn’t take them? Probiotics come with many health benefits and are generally considered quite safe for everybody. Since different species of Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium are naturally found in the human body and many foods, they are usually well-tolerated and thought to be harmle
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